How to make different Line Charts in excel: Explained step by step

How to make different Line Charts in excel

What is Line Chart In excel

Line charts is a form of data presentation which helps in presenting data in a simple and meaningful way. Line chart is the simplest and easiest to understand among all charts. It is very helpful in showing some trend over time.

How to use Line Charts in Excel

To use line chart in excel we will go in Insert tab then Insert Line and Area Chart.

How to make different Line Charts in excel
How to get line chart in excel

What type of line charts are available in excel

There are two type of line charts available in excel:

  • 2-D Line Chart
  • 3-D Line Chart

2-D Line Chart has 3 different kinds of charts Line, Stacked line and 100% Stacked line with and without markers. Let’s discuss the applicability of these charts.

Line chart is used when we have many data points to plot in a chart or data is in time series or shows trend over time(years, months or days) . To use this chart we will follow the same process Insert >>Insert Line and Area Chart >>Line . A line chart will come like the below image.

Line Chart pop up
Line Chart initial image

We can decorate it as per our requirement. I will be discussing this in another blog post.

Stacked Line shows how parts of a whole changed over time. Here, lines are plotted one at a time, with the height of the last one plotted variable serving as a moving baseline. As such, the fully-stacked height of the topmost line will correspond to the total when summing across all groups. Let us understand this from the below example.

Stacked Line Chart
Stacked Line Chart

In this example if we see all three variables are showing with their data labels as 45.5%,53.9% and 2.5%.The last variable Cycle is on the top and making baseline at 100% which is sum of all the three variables. As here sum of all variable in all rows are 100% due to which base line is straight otherwise it could vary on point.

100% Stacked Line Chart is a chart in which lines do not overlap because they are cumulative at each point. The lines reach a total of 100% of the axis range at each point. Lines are getting space in the chart as per their share % among all variables. Let us understand this by below example.

100% Stacked Line chart
100% Stacked Line chart

In the above example we have calculate share% of all 3 values and it is in row 4.Here,Car is the first variable and it’s share % is 35.4%.The chart also occupy 35.4% value for this variable as it can be seen by black left brace.

Now we are coming to 2nd variable which is Motor Bike, it’s % share 43.9% and in the chart we can see the same value has been allotted to it as well and can be seen in green left brace. Similarly 20.7% value left after allotting the 2 variable which is not allotted to Cycles.

3-D Line Chart is used to demonstrate time series data or trend over year, week or days. It just presents data on a third axis which will show some lines in front of others.

3D line chart in excel
3D line chart in excel

That’s all now for line charts. We will cover further how to decorate and make more visible in some other post.

You can watch this video as well for more clarification.

Line Chart in Excel: Explained.

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