How to refresh Pivot Table: 2 ways to refresh pivot tables in excel

How to refresh Pivot Table

In our previous post we learnt about how to create pivot table in excel. Now in this post we will try to understand different ways to refresh pivot table when new data is being added in the data range of pivot table. There are different ways to refresh excel pivot table, but we can categories them in two different ways.

  • Manually and
  • by VBA code.

How to refresh pivot table manually

1) To refresh a pivot table manually first select any cell on excel pivot table then go to PivotTable Analyze tab then in Data column click on Refresh. Now we ill get 2 options Refersh and Refresh all.

How to refresh Pivot Table
How to refresh Pivot
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What are measures of dispersion: How to calculate range, variance, Quartile and standard deviation

What are measures of dispersion

Dispersion or Spread is the extent to which the observations vary about their mean in a dataset. The quantity that measures a dispersion in a data set is known as measure of dispersion. It is used to check variability/spread of data i.e. to know how much homogenous or heterogeneous the data is. The measure of dispersion are of two types that is absolute and relative dispersion.

What are measures of dispersion
Type of measures of dispersion

An absolute measure of dispersion is one that measures dispersion in terms of the same units as the unit of data. if the unit of data is meter, kilogram or mile then measure of dispersion will be in the same unit.

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Excel Slicer: How to use Excel slicer to filter data

Excel Slicer: How to use Excel slicer to filter data

What Slicer in excel

Slicers are floating buttons in excel by which we can filter data in an excel table or pivot table. In addition to this slicer reflects the current filter state means what options are selected currently. We can move slicers anywhere in the sheet and even can change their size and color.

How to create Slicer

To create a slicer we need a pivot table or just an excel table. First, we need to go to the Insert tab in ribbon >> Filter section >> Slicer as shown in the below image.

Slicer 1
How to create Slicer

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How to add Developer Tab in excel

How to add Developer Tab in excel

The Developer Tab in excel is a very important tab to accomplish many tasks in excel. It contains Macro-related buttons, Add-ins, Controls, and XML. The Developer tab is not preloaded in excel.

How to load Developer tab:

Go to File >>Option

How to add Developer Tab in excel
Developer tab

Then Go to Customize Ribbon >> Check Developer button

Cutom ribbon
Custom Ribbon

A new option will be added in ribbon as a developer:

Developer ribbon
Developer ribbon

We can see for different blocks in developer tab which is very useful in report creating.

You can also read below article for more info.


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VBA in Excel: What is VBA, How to use

VBA in Excel

VBA stands for Visual Basic Application. It is an event-driven programming language used by Microsoft for its applications. VBA helps in many way ways like creating an automation process of any activity that we do manually, creating user-defined functions, or any activity which is repetitive in nature. By using VBA in excel we can save time and resources.

How to use VBA in Excel

We can use it in two different ways either by using VBA editor or by recording Macro. The choice depends on the expertise and comfort level of the user.

Where is VBA in excel

To use VBA editor we need to open VBA editor either by pressing alt & F11 or go to … Continue Reading

What is Power Query in excel: how to use Power Query in excel

What is Power Query in excel

Power Query in excel helps in connecting multiple sources and sizes of data. It helps in defining an automated process while connecting the first time and this can be used multiple times to save time and resources.

Excel Power Query is a business intelligence tool to perform extract, transform and load functions in Excel/Power BI. It has a graphical interface to load data and Power Query Editor helps in transforming data in a desirable way.

How to use power query in Excel

To use power query in excel we need to go in ribbon and select Data option. We will get first options as Get & Transform Data. In this option we get … Continue Reading