How to refresh Pivot Table: 2 ways to refresh pivot tables in excel

How to refresh Pivot Table

In our previous post we learnt about how to create pivot table in excel. Now in this post we will try to understand different ways to refresh pivot table when new data is being added in the data range of pivot table. There are different ways to refresh excel pivot table, but we can categories them in two different ways.

  • Manually and
  • by VBA code.

How to refresh pivot table manually

1) To refresh a pivot table manually first select any cell on excel pivot table then go to PivotTable Analyze tab then in Data column click on Refresh. Now we ill get 2 options Refersh and Refresh all.

How to refresh Pivot Table
How to refresh Pivot
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VBA in Excel: What is VBA, How to use

VBA in Excel

VBA stands for Visual Basic Application. It is an event-driven programming language used by Microsoft for its applications. VBA helps in many way ways like creating an automation process of any activity that we do manually, creating user-defined functions, or any activity which is repetitive in nature. By using VBA in excel we can save time and resources.

How to use VBA in Excel

We can use it in two different ways either by using VBA editor or by recording Macro. The choice depends on the expertise and comfort level of the user.

Where is VBA in excel

To use VBA editor we need to open VBA editor either by pressing alt & F11 or go to … Continue Reading