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What is a Gauge Chart : How to create a Gauge Chart in Excel

What is a Gauge Chart

Gauge chart also known as dial chart or speedometer chart. It uses a needle on a dial shape to show information as a reading on a dial. It is often used for a single data point and aims to track the progress of a KPI against its set target or against some other time period.

It’s biggest advantage lays in the fact that it is easy to interpret. It also uses different colors to represent different scales of the variable which is the part of KPI. Usually these scales are the maximum, the minimum or the medium. Gauge chart is suitable for executive dashboards where stakeholders want to see where KPI is against the pre … Continue Reading

How to create a Pareto Chart in Excel – 80/20 Rule or Pareto Principle

How to create a Pareto Chart in Excel

Pareto Chart is the presentation of Pareto principles also known as 80/20 rules, the law of the vital few, or the principle of factor sparsity is used in statistics and quality control. This principle explains 80% of the consequences come from 20% of the causes( the vital few). This 80/20 proportion can be changed in practical life based on the actual requirement. Examples of the Pareto principle is given below:

  • 80% money earned by 20% of people.
  • top 20% reported bug causes 80% system crash
  • 20% of drivers cause 80% of all traffic accidents.
  • 80% of the pollution originates from 20% of all factories.
  • 20% products of a company generate 80% revenue.
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What is Sunburst and Treemaps charts: How to create these 2 in excel

What is Sunburst and Treemaps charts

Sunburst and Treemaps charts are hierarchical charts which is used to show multi level variable values. We will be using this chart type to compare parts to a whole, or when several columns of categories form a hierarchy. Let us take an example of Olympics to understand this. We got data of matches participated in Olympics by different countries for different categories of games. We can see the data in the below image.

What is Sunburst and Treemaps charts
Hierarchical data

From the above data set if we want to plot bar chart, Line chart or pie chart then chart will not show complete data by any of the charts.

Treemaps chart in excel
Other charts to represent hierarchical data

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How to make different Line Charts in excel: Explained step by step

How to make different Line Charts in excel

What is Line Chart In excel

Line charts is a form of data presentation which helps in presenting data in a simple and meaningful way. Line chart is the simplest and easiest to understand among all charts. It is very helpful in showing some trend over time.

How to use Line Charts in Excel

To use line chart in excel we will go in Insert tab then Insert Line and Area Chart.

How to make different Line Charts in excel
How to get line chart in excel

What type of line charts are available in excel

There are two type of line charts available in excel:

  • 2-D Line Chart
  • 3-D Line Chart

2-D Line Chart has 3 different kinds … Continue Reading

What is Spark lines in Excel and How to use it in 3 different ways?

What is Spark lines in Excel

Sparklines also known as micro charts adds rich visualization to tabular data without taking much space. This bit size graph can fit in a cell and can provide powerful insight.

Where to find Sparklines in Excel?

Go to Excel sheet >> Insert >> Sparklines

What are sparklines in excel
How to find Sparklines

How many Sparklines available for use?

There are three Sparklines available in excel. Line, column and Win/Loss.

Line Sparkline: It is the first sparkline and can be used with high number of data points like date.

Go to sparklines tab in Insert option and click Line, we will get a pop up like below.

Sparklines 2
Line Sparkline Creation

We will select F7 to AB7 in Date RangeContinue Reading