Oracle SQL developer download : How to install oracle sql developer

SQL developer download

In this article we will be learning sql developer download for windows 10. Oracle sql developer installation is very easy and I will be explaining it in step by step method. We will also be learning how to create connection in SQL developer with SQL database which we learned in our previous article.

how to install oracle sql developer

To install SQL developer we will first go this link the download on Windows 64-bit with JDK 8 included if we don’t have java installed on our system else we can download Windows 32-bit/64-bit.

Oracle SQL developer download
Oracle SQL developer download

We click on the download icon it will redirect to other page for Sign In. If you already have credential then got logged in else create a new one.When download got finished unzip the sqldeveloper- file. Go to the folder sqldeveloper then click on sqldeveloper as illustrated in the below image.

sqldeveloper download

After clicking on sqldeveloper Oracle SQL Developer will open which will be looking like as below image.

oracle sql developer
Oracle SQL Developer

how to connect to oracle database using sql developer

Now as we are able to open our SQL developer the next step will be to connect SQL developer with oracle database. To connect with the database we will first click on green plus sign on the left upper part of SQL developer. We will find an option New Database Connection there.


After clicking on New Database Connection a new window will open like below image.

how to install sql developer on windows 10
how to install sql developer on windows 10

Now we can fill the below information to create our connection.

  • Name : You can put any name as per your comfort
  • Username : It will be system
  • Password : It will be same as we use while installing oracle database.
  • Hostname : You can find it in listner.ora file
  • Port : 1521
  • Service name : XEPDB1

After filling all these information you can test this to check if all is good.

Testing the SQL connection
Testing the SQL connection

If your Status is showing as Success as showing in the above image then Save this. After saving a new connection will be created on the upper left side as shown in the below image.

Connection in SQL developer
Connection in SQL developer

You can watch the below video for more clarification on sql developer download

sql developer download

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