How to use HLOOKUP in Excel

How to use HLOOKUP in Excel

HLOOKUP is one of the functions provided by Microsoft Excel which helps us find a value for a particular reference value. Its functions are the same as VLOOKUP, just the difference exists in terms of fetching data horizontally instead of vertically.

This formula also requires 4 inputs as mentioned below:

How to use HLOOKUP in Excel 7
How to use HLOOKUP in Excel
How to use HLOOKUP in Excel 8

We will take an example to understand this in a better way. As we see in the below table we have data for student’s marks achieved in different subject. Now if I wanted to fetch data for a particular student for a particular subject then we will use HLOOKUP to get it. Here we took Steve as look_up value and will try to get data from the table(table_array) for the subject Botany which is 5 rows( row_index_num) below the names of students. Finally we will get value as 76.

How to use HLOOKUP in Excel 9

I am attaching a video for more clarity on this topic and expect it would helpful.

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