How to use MATCH function in Excel

How to use MATCH function in Excel

In this blog, we will be discussing MATCH function in excel. MATCH function basically helps in finding the position of a value. It will not fetch any number but will provide only the position of the lookup value in excel. This function is very helpful when it works with other functions like OFFSET/INDEX.

Let us understand the anatomy of excel MATCH function. It requires 3 input values as can be seen in the below picture.

How to use MATCH function in Excel
match function excel
How to use MATCH function in Excel
How to use MATCH function in Excel

match_type can be explained as below:

match function option
Match function option

In example 1: we will try to find out the position of USA in the country list. Here USA is lookup_value the list of countries is lookup_array and we will match the exact value so will use 0 as match_type .

match function
Match fucntion excel


  1. MATCH function is not a case sensitive function.
  2. If MATCH function doesn’t find any match it will return #n/a error.
  3. We can use WILD CARD when match_Type is 0 and Lookup value is text
wild card for match
Wild card for excel match function

In example 2: We will use wildcard * which will help in getting position based on any character. Here we took example of China where we used * in the initial position. This function will try to match hina in the list and will provide the position for the 1st match.

match function
Match function

I am attaching a video to get more clarification on this, hopefully, it will help in clarifying further.

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