SELECT statement for SQL

What is a Select Statement for SQL?

SELECT statement for SQL, sometimes referred to as a Query, allows you to retrieve the records you want from the database so that you can manipulate or analyze them further. In this article, we’ll cover how to write a SELECT statement in SQL and look at some examples of how they are used. When writing your own SELECT statement for SQL, it’s important to consider two factors as mentioned below:

  • the source (where you are pulling your data from) and
  • the columns (which data fields you want).

These can both be changed using clauses in your statement.

What is Select Query

A select query is used to get data from a … Continue Reading


Insert query in SQL | SQL insert statement in Oracle

Insert query in SQL

Introduction to Oracle INSERT statement

In our previous post, we learned about how to create a table in SQL by CREATE TABLE statement. After CREATE TABLE we will learn how to INSERT INTO data in SQL table. To insert a new row into a table, you can use the Oracle INSERT statement as follows:

INSERT INTO table_name (column_list)
VALUES( value_list);

In the above statement, we can see COLUMN_LIST is the name of columns in which we wanted to insert the data. While value_list shows values that we wanted to INSERT INTO the columns of SQL table mentioned above. Also, it should be noted that every value and column name should be separated by comma.… Continue Reading

Oracle SQL developer download : How to install oracle sql developer

SQL developer download

In this article we will be learning sql developer download for windows 10. Oracle sql developer installation is very easy and I will be explaining it in step by step method. We will also be learning how to create connection in SQL developer with SQL database which we learned in our previous article.

how to install oracle sql developer

To install SQL developer we will first go this link the download on Windows 64-bit with JDK 8 included if we don’t have java installed on our system else we can download Windows 32-bit/64-bit.

Oracle SQL developer download
Oracle SQL developer download

We click on the download icon it will redirect to other page for Sign In. If you already have … Continue Reading