How to use XLOOKUP in excel: Understanding it with 3 examples

How to use XLOOKUP in excel

XLOOKUP is used to search a range or an array and then return a value matching to the condition irrespective of the column direction. It is an extension of vlookup wherein we could get value from one direction only. XLOOKUP has more flexibility with itself as compared to vlookup.

Let us understand the syntax of XLOOKUP:

=XLOOKUP(lookup_value, lookup_array, return_array, [if_not_found], [match_mode], [search_mode])

Arguments of XLOOKUP:

Arguments Description
lookup  [Required]The value to search for.
lookup_array [Required]The array or range to search.
return_array [Required]The array or range to return.
not_found [optional] Value to return if no match found.
match_mode [optional] 0 = exact match (default),
-1 = exact match or next smallest,
1 = exact match or next larger,
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