Table in Excel: How to create excel table step by step by 2 methods

How to create excel table

Table in excel is a powerful feature that helps us in organizing our data by grouping data together. It is very quick to create a table in excel by just clicking a few keys or using a shortcut key and converting your flat data into a table with a lot of benefits.

The benefit of using excel table is as below but it is not limited to these only:

  • Clean Formulas : When we are using excel table feature then it become very easier to read forumals even it is very complicated.
  • Referencing a range : It is very easy to reference a range as every table has its own name.
  • Auto expand : It
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Excel Slicer: How to use Excel slicer to filter data

Excel Slicer: How to use Excel slicer to filter data

What Slicer in excel

Slicers are floating buttons in excel by which we can filter data in an excel table or pivot table. In addition to this slicer reflects the current filter state means what options are selected currently. We can move slicers anywhere in the sheet and even can change their size and color.

How to create Slicer

To create a slicer we need a pivot table or just an excel table. First, we need to go to the Insert tab in ribbon >> Filter section >> Slicer as shown in the below image.

Slicer 1
How to create Slicer

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