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How to transpose excel rows to columns:3 Ways to Transpose Data in Excel

Excel rows to columns transpose

What is excel transpose function

Excel transpose function is a very useful functions in excel. It is used to switch rows to columns or excel columns to rows. In our regular excel use, we usually come across situations where we need to change excel columns to rows or rows to columns to make calculations easier or to visualize data in excel. Let’s learn how to transpose excel rows to columns.

Method 1: Transpose Data with Paste Special Command

In this method, we will first copy the data that we wanted to transpose which is in rows. After copying the data we will select any cell where we wanted to transpose the data. Then we will … Continue Reading

What is Power Query in excel: how to use Power Query in excel

What is Power Query in excel

Power Query in excel helps in connecting multiple sources and sizes of data. It helps in defining an automated process while connecting the first time and this can be used multiple times to save time and resources.

Excel Power Query is a business intelligence tool to perform extract, transform and load functions in Excel/Power BI. It has a graphical interface to load data and Power Query Editor helps in transforming data in a desirable way.

How to use power query in Excel

To use power query in excel we need to go in ribbon and select Data option. We will get first options as Get & Transform Data. In this option we get … Continue Reading