Understanding and interpreting boxplots: How to create them in Excel

Understanding and interpreting boxplots

What is boxplot

Boxplot also known as box and whisker plot is used in explanatory data analysis. It is used to show the variance and central tendency of any data set. By this, we can visually represent the distribution of data in a dataset. It also helps in comparing two or more sets of data.

How box plots look like

Box plot is a standardized way of showing distribution of data on the basis of five number summary.

Understanding and interpreting boxplots
Box plot structure

PS: Above image is taken from https://www.simplypsychology.org

In the above image, we can see the five summaries as the minimum(min), Q1(lower quartile), median(Q2), Q3(upper quartile), and maximum(max). We also see min and Q1 are connected … Continue Reading