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How to make different Line Charts in excel: Explained step by step

How to make different Line Charts in excel

What is Line Chart In excel

Line charts are a form of data presentation that helps in presenting data in a simple and meaningful way. The line chart is the simplest and easiest to understand among all charts. It is very helpful in showing some trends over time.

How to create Line Chart in Excel

To use line chart in excel we will go in Insert tab then Insert Line and Area Chart.

How to make different Line Charts in excel
How to get line chart in excel

What type of line charts are available in excel

There are two types of line charts available in Excel:

  • 2-D Line Chart
  • 3-D Line Chart
2-D Line Chart

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What is Hypothesis testing in statistics: How to do Hypothesis testing,5 steps process

What is Hypothesis testing in statistics

Hypothesis testing in statistics is a process by which we are confirming our hypothesis or prediction statistically. Scientists mainly use it to test the specific prediction from some theory or hypothesis or even from gut feelings.

Examples of Hypothesis Testing:

  1. The ability of Vitamin C to cure or prevent cold,
  2. Children of obese parents are more likely to be obese
  3. Men have taller than women
  4. Tenure calling operators have less handling time than a new operator.

Type of Hypothesis testing :

  1. Null Hypothesis : Null hypothesis states that there is no difference in parameters for two or more populations. If any observed difference in a sample is due to chance or sampling-related error, it
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Correlation and Regression: When to use these 2 in analysis

Correlation and Regression

What is a correlation:

Correlation is a test in statistics to get to know if there is any relationship exist between two datasets or not. Correlation is of two types positive and negative. A positive correlation means if one variable is increasing then 2nd variable is also increasing while a negative correlation shows if one variable increases then 2nd variable decreases.

Correlation between two data sets will be measured by the coefficient of correlation. The value of the coefficient of correlation lies between -1 and 1.If the value is zero it means there is no correlation between data sets. If the value is greater than 0 it means positive correlation and +1 will show a perfect … Continue Reading